• New Home Buyer Inspection
  • Seller Pre-Listing Inspection
  • 11 Month New Home Inspection
  • Renter Prior to Move-In Condition and Move-Out Condition
  • Owner Inspection



Testing following EPA protocols using 2 charcoal canisters which are set out for minimum of 48 hrs. Canisters collected and sent to local lab usually 2-3 day turn around time. Results forwarded once inspector receives them.


Septic Testing

Locate tank, access lid which is usually hand dug but some covers are too deep and may require excavation equipment which will require an extra charge. Once tank opened, waste level is observed to determine tank condition and if clogged leach or dry well. Tank is then pumped out and a camera inspection done inside to determine condition of baffle systems. Lid re-installed and soil leveled. A cover letter is sent to you on results of conditions found. Turn around time 2-3 days.



  • bacteria/potability -sample taken, brought to lab, 2-3 day turn around time
  • 4 point FHA short (bacteria, lead, nitrites, nitrates)-sample taken, brought to lab 5-7 day turn around time
  • other water tests available upon request
  • well sanitize



  • visual/measurement
  • visit for free utility tracking of your home or business
  • energy conservation by habit



This service is contracted out.


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